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We recognise that the more information and better the understanding we have of our clients, their current situation and operations the better we are able to identify solutions and productivity improvements.

That's why we take the time to meet and establish the relationship and expectations for the partnership right from the outset. Years of working in the Occupational Health & Safety arena ensures we are able to utilise specific industry knowledge and experience when working with you in identifying the most suitable services and solutions for your situation.

Functional Assessments

Humanomics assessments look at the essential demands of a position and determine whether a candidate's or employees abilities meet the job requirements. This rigorous process is conducted as the stable framework for all functional assessments conducted by Humanomics.

  • We use a Job analysis to identify the essential tasks and functional requirements of each job role
  • We perform a Job specific functional assessment of the applicant at the work site or at our innovative Workplace Simulation Centre
  • We provide a General health evaluation based on job-specific health indicators, such as hearing, visual acuity and lung function
    • Safety behavioural assessment - we identify, and assess the impact of, psychosocial and environmental factors that are likely affect the worker's current and future capabilities
    • We can also provide Education with one-on-one advice and training for safe and efficient body mechanics, manual handling and office ergonomics
    • Assessment outcome and report - we synthesise the results of the activity-specific and psychometric evaluations to determine and communicate the worker’s capabilities and needs
    • Above needs to include job matching & tailor made assessments

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