HumanRehab – The Difference

HumanRehab is a new and different workplace rehabilitation provider.

The difference is explained by answering the following question. Who knows your workplace and workers better than the staff at HumanRehab and Humanomics?

The Occupational Therapists at HumanRehab have completed over 5000 pre-employment assessments as part of their ongoing work with our sister company Humanomics.

The staff have undertaken hundreds of workplace assessments in different industries such as  mining, fabrication and engineering, health and the sales / service sector.

The staff have an extensive understanding of the physical (and psychosocial) demands of many different occupations... from Mining Technicians and Boilermakers, to Health Professionals, Administration Officers and many others.

The staff have the expertise to assess injured workers against health and functional criteria used to assist to determine a potential employee’s fitness for work.

We know workers and we know workplaces.

The staff at HumanRehab have extensive experience in undertaking workplace assessment and FCE specifically for injured workers, assisting with their return to work needs and promoting a quick and effective return to pre-injury duties. Our staff have a proven track record managing injured workers with more complex needs, including where there is workplace conflict, psychosocial barriers and where other treating parties are not supportive of the return to work process.

We know injury management and occupational rehabilitation.

The staff at HumanRehab have the ability to respond promptly to the needs of the workplace and flexibly in providing services outside of usual business hours.

We know rehabilitation is not just a 9 to 5 job.

The staff at HumanRehab have demonstrated an ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with nominated treating doctors (usually General Practitioners), who have a key role in assisting with an early return to work. We also maintain good working relationships with other key parties including specialists, physiotherapists and psychologists.

We know how to work well with other key stakeholders.

HumanRehab understands that rehabilitation is not a one-size-fits-all process. Our staff have demonstrated creative thinking in managing complex claims and have experience with managing many barriers to a return to work (i.e. pain management education, visual deficiency, spirometry (lung function), audiology (hearing functioning) and cardiovascular health). HumanRehab staff have the ability to develop assimilation based work conditioning programs to assist injured workers to upgrade their fitness for work.

We know about health and work fitness.

HumanRehab has developed a system of fixed cost service provision to better meet the needs of Employers and Insurance Companies and is happy to develop an outcome based costing structure in consultation with our customers.

We know that both cost and quality matters.

Contact Human Rehab direct:

P: 02 4953 0300

F: 02 4953 0673



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