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Humanomics has the experience and expertise to optimise your working environment and reduce risk to employees.

Whether you're recruiting new employees, or assessing existing ones, a program can be developed to suit any job role.

Health and functional assessments provide you with an accurate blueprint of your employees' health, strength, weaknesses and functional capabilities. They can be your crystal ball for identifying those people / groups at risk of injury, and those staff who have the functional capability to do a variety of tasks, aiding attraction and retention strategies.

Once you have the baseline, we can plan your OH&S strategies for maximal productivity, operational and staff dynamics going forward with confidence. Whether you're recruiting new employees, or assessing current employees, a program can be designed to suit any job role. Humanomics can design a total wellbeing worklife program throughout the entire working life of your employees, giving you peace of mind and your staff the confidence to perform.

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