Hazardous Substance Health Monitoring

WH&S legislation obligates all employers to periodically monitor the health of every worker who are exposed to hazardous substances or materials during the course of their work, regardless of the duration of their employment.

Examples of occupational hazardous substances are isocyanates, lead, asbestos, crystalline silica, and 14 other hazardous dusts listed as hazardous. Humanomics is able to provide health monitoring and reports for workers, and for the employers confidential health monitoring database.

Safework Australia has established guidelines with recommended time periods for health monitoring and assessment methods.

Humanomics is able to…

  • Assist employers test the health of workers exposed to hazardous substances
  • Enable employers to monitor and document worker health using standardised health testing
  • Provide Safework Australia compliant health reports for employers’ databases.

When should health monitoring begin…

  • Prior to a worker using a hazardous substance in a workplace, or as soon as possible after use by a worker has been established. (this may be upon employment to a workplace)
  • During the period of exposure during employment
  • Upon termination of the use of a hazardous substance in a workplace