Our health monitoring programs are designed to help you manage employee exposure to hazardous substances efficiently and effectively.

Health monitoring for exposure to hazardous substances is central to the wellbeing of any team working in close proximity to harmful chemicals. That’s why employers are legally obligated to periodically assess the health of such workers throughout their careers. And we’re here to help you do it properly.

Humanomics has been delivering personalised health monitoring programs across New South Wales for over a decade. Pioneers in the hazardous substance testing process, we’ve partnered with researchers at the University of Newcastle to develop an innovative, cost-effective and accurate approach to health surveillance.

Support worker wellbeing with a tailored health monitoring program

Humanomics’ programs are customised to your worksite, ensuring that all health monitoring is relevant to the distinct hazards faced by your employees.

Our occupational health management specialists can:

  • Perform a hazardous substances risk assessment to identify potential dangers to worker health
  • Conduct standardised testing to assess the health of workers exposed to hazardous substances
  • Provide SafeWork Australia-compliant reports so that employers can monitor and document workers’ health over time

The importance of managing hazardous substances in the workplace

Harmful chemicals inhaled or absorbed through the skin can cause significant health issues, such as lung disease and cancer. To protect against these risks, a health monitoring program will note any physiological changes to workers caused by occupational exposure to hazardous substances.

As an employer, this allows you to identify and minimise detrimental exposure that could lead to serious illness, health costs and lost productivity – all things your business and workers shouldn’t have to face.

For expert, flexible and holistic health surveillance, get in touch with the team at Humanomics today.

Why Humanomics?

Healthcare management made simple

Our team cares about your health and happiness. That’s why we are committed to making your experience with Humanomics as smooth-sailing as possible, offering expert advice so that you can learn from and enjoy the journey.

Here whenever and wherever you need us

With on-site or in-clinic appointments guaranteed within 72 hours, our health and safety services will be delivered at the most convenient location and time for your team.* If it works best, we can even do weekends!

Support for every stage of employment

Our occupational health services don’t stop once a job contract is signed. We’re here to help you take care of your team’s full work life cycle, from pre-placement medicals to exit employment assessments and everything in between.

Cost-effective solutions for your business

We provide the right medical for the right job, no matter your industry. Delivering a tailored assessment, we get things done efficiently and effectively so that your business can save valuable time and money.

Accurate and applied assessments

Our functional-based approach addresses factors that are key to the safety and performance of a particular role. This accuracy ensures employers comply with legislation and support their people with the right healthcare solutions.

Rapid and reliable reporting

Our prompt reporting process means employers can avail of clear, concise reports within 24 hours of assessment (as well as instant verbal results!). With exceptional quality and a thorough review process, we deliver certainty the first time around.

Frequently asked questions

What is a hazardous substance?

A hazardous substance is any solid, liquid or gas that may be detrimental to your health. These substances are categorised according to whether they have an immediate (acute) or long-term (chronic) impact on health.

What are examples of hazardous substances in the workplace?

Occupational hazardous substances include isocyanates, lead, asbestos, crystalline silica, and 14 other dusts listed as hazardous.

When should health monitoring take place?

Safework Australia has established a hazardous substances code of practice with recommended time periods for health monitoring and assessment methods.

Essentially, health should be monitored:

  • Prior to a worker using a hazardous substance in a workplace, or as soon as possible after use by a worker has been established (this may be upon employment to a workplace)
  • During the period of exposure during employment
  • Upon termination of the use of a hazardous substance in a workplace