Pre-Employment Health Assessments

Humanomics looks below the surface

When it comes to the health of your employees, traditional medical assessments only uncover the tip of the iceberg.

There’s more to your employees than meets the eye

Humanomics provides customised Pre-Employment Assessments to suit the requirements of your workplace. Our Pre-Employment Assessments usually incorporate drug screening, health screening, mobility and functional suitability assessments, to ensure you get…

‘The Right Person for the Right Job, Every Time.’

A ‘PLUS’ for your business…

Humanomics pre-employment  health assessments, conducted by a trained clinical team of nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and exercises physiologists, provides the prospective employer with a reliable baseline health assessment report which outlines the health status and functional capabilities of a worker. Testing of physical capabilities adds true value to pre-employment. PLUS!

A ‘PLUS’ for the worker…

During a pre-employment health assessment the worker has the opportunity to consult with our professional health team on any work related health issues, or indeed other health issues which may impact of the worker’s health – So It’s a PLUS! for the Worker as Well as the Employer.

A ‘DOUBLE PLUS’ for your HR team…

Knowing about a worker’s health from day one of employment helps an employer to make good decisions regarding worker deployment to site. Documentation of the health information in the form of a reliable report, ensures the company has documented memory of a worker’s fitness for duty at a particular time. PLUS PLUS!

Over time this can prove invaluable to an employer on so many fronts such as…

  • Maintaining / Improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce
  • Monitoring the health of workers exposed to hazardous substances
  • Workers Compensation issues in future and returning a worker to work
  • Knowing where and who you can deploy to specific work sites
  • Hearing Baseline -how noisy work places affect a worker over time
  • Monitoring dust or fumes in the workplace – requires a baseline health report.
  • And more