Assess your company

Do you measure up? Use this checklist


  1. Are you facing challenges attracting and retaining staff?
  2. Do you have high incident and absenteeism rates?
  3. Is your staff turnover high?
  4. Is your workforce aging?
  5. Are cost and productivity levels where you want them?
  6. Do you need to control the risk and cost of occupational injury?
  7. Do you need to minimise the incidence of injury?
  8. Are any of your workers exposed to Hazardous Substances compelling you under WH&S legislation to conduct regular health monitoring of your workers?


  1. Are some employees not physically capable of performing their job?
  2. Do all positions have associated functional capability standards?
  3. Are all positions functional capabilities are benchmarked?
  4. Are these aligned to industry occupational categories and criteria?
  5. Whenever anyone applies for a position do they undergo a medical / pre-placement assessment?
  6. Are you looking for a cost effective functional assessment?
  7. Do you want more from pre-employment assessments?
  8. Are you looking for workplace assessments that examines both health and functional matters?
  9. Do you want to know if your applicants can perform the job safely?
  10. Do you want assessment results that help you make sound recruitment decisions?

If you are not totally happy with your responses to these questions then your company and its employees are at risk! Contact Humanomics and find out how we can minimise your risk and improve operational effectiveness.