Why should I use Pre-employment Medicals and Assessments?

There are four reasons why you should use Pre-employment Medicals and Assessments:

  • to minimise incidents and workplace risks (workers compensation is 2nd highest cost)
  • to adhere to WH&S ‘Duty of Care’ avoiding vicarious liability issues
  • to reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  • to ensure the person applying for the position is physically capable of doing the job
What is the difference between the traditional pre-employment medical assessment and pre-employment functional assessment?

Traditional medicals review and evaluate the general health conditions relating to individuals overall fitness, vision and hearing; approximately 30% of someone’s physical capacity to perform a job. Humanomics unique simulation pre-employment functional assessment measures the physical capabilities of the person to perform the job. I.e. if the person is a welder and is going to be squatting, holding a 5kg welding tool all day, then we simulate that environment to receive a true indication of the person’s ability to perform the physical aspects of the role.

Can a non-medical health professional perform pre-employment health assessments?

Yes, provided the assessment is conducted within the level of skills, experience and training of the health professional. N.b. Medical related problems cannot be interpreted and will be referred to our medical practitioner. I.e. in the instance of blood in urine e.g. a sample 1% of 4000 applicants assessed have required further investigation. We assess within a normal range.

How often do people not meet the requirements of an assessment?

Through Humanomics unique simulated standardised and non-standardised assessment process we found up to 20% of candidates may be be unsuitable for positions applied for.

We assess within the criteria the job analysis dictates and are not afraid to red flag someone if they pose a genuine risk to themselves, their colleagues and the organisation as per anti-discrimination and WH&S guidelines.

As an example, a candidate for a fitter position with a manufacturing company undertook a full assessment with Humanomics and was found to be physically unsuitable for that position. The same person applied for another job with another company and during their interview and assessment process only had an historically standard pre-employment medical which he passed. Less than 8 weeks later the person sustained a work related injury.

What is your experience and what are your qualifications?

Our team of qualified Trainers, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Doctors have over 100 years experience in occupational health, injury management and rehabilitation across a variety of industry sectors.

Humanomics utilise and have undergone training in a range of functional assessment models including Matheson, Blankenship, Velpar and MESA to name a few. Over 3000 Injury Management Functional Assessments, 2000 Workplace Assessments and 12,000 Pre-Employment Suitability Assessments have been conducted by the Director Sanjiv Parmar alone.