Our pre-employment medical assessments help you to hire the right person for the right job, every time.

When it comes to prospective workers, traditional health checks may only reveal the tip of the iceberg. A Humanomics pre-employment medical goes below the surface to ensure you hire the most suitable candidate for the job.

Also known as a functional assessment, a pre-employment medical delivers a reliable baseline health report outlining your potential team member’s physical capabilities. Conducted by a clinical team of nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and exercises physiologists, this risk management tool is customised to suit your workplace requirements.

Together, we can confirm that your candidate is fit to work safely and effectively.

Invaluable benefits for employers and employees

  • Improved workforce health and wellbeing
  • More suitable, capable workers for each role
  • Reduced risk of work injuries and recovery downtime
  • Fewer Workers Compensation Claims in the future
  • Reliable health reporting that documents fitness for duty
  • Informed decisions on which workers can be deployed to specific sites
  • Opportunity for workers to consult clinicians on health issues that may impact job performance

What happens in a pre-employment medical?

As well as gathering standard patient data and medical history, our functional assessments generally involve the following checks:

  • Cardiovascular and central nervous system examinations
  • Vision tests (including colour blindness)
  • Urinalysis
  • Body mass index calculation

Our trained health professionals can also conduct:

Audiometric examination

A baseline hearing test is used to monitor the impact of long-term noise exposure, limiting employer liability for future hearing loss claims. Under the AS/NZS 1269.4:2005, workers with personal hearing protectors are required to complete an audiometry test before entering the role, and must be reassessed every two years.

Spirometry test

Spirometry is a pulmonary function test that measures the degree of airflow obstruction. It is also used to assess workers for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and several other lung diseases.

Musculoskeletal assessment

Musculoskeletal assessment evaluates the condition of a worker’s muscles, bones and joints, as well as their strength, form and any physical injuries that may hinder their ability to perform job duties safely.

Specialised medicals

Certain industries are legally required to complete pre-employment medicals designed to suit the needs of their unique environments. With Humanomics, you can find any type of medical required in one place, including:

  • NSW order 43 pre-placement medicals
  • QLD coal board medicals
  • Commercial driver medicals
  • Rail safety workers medicals
  • Hazardous substances health monitoring

Project-based functional assessments

Highly experienced in performing bulk health assessments for recruitment and deployment purposes, Humanomics has a proven capacity to conduct up to 200 project-based medicals per week.

Processing candidates quickly and effectively without compromising on quality, our ability to think outside the box makes anything possible in the Workplace Health sphere.

Frequently asked questions

Who pays for pre-employment medical assessment?

These medical checks are only eligible for Medicare benefits if the individual being tested is currently unemployed. Otherwise, the requesting employer is generally responsible for payment.

An invaluable investment, this cost-effective assessment can minimise the risk of hiring a worker who is unable to perform the duties at hand safely and efficiently.

How long does a pre employment medical assessment take?

Depending on the role, company and industry requirements, our assessment process can take between one to two hours.

To confirm the exact duration of your workforce’s functional assessment, please get in touch with the Humanomics team.

When will the health report be available?

With a commitment to efficient and cost-effective service, Humanomics delivers detailed, quality-assured reports in just two days.

Ideal for any employer under time pressure to secure a hire, we also offer a fast-tracked reporting service that delivers findings within 24 hours.

As soon as the medical is complete, we will submit its initial results for employer review while a secondary appraisal takes place to confirm findings.