Achieve employee wellness goals with workplace Health & Safety training from Humanomics.

Every business has a responsibility to support its workers’ health, wellness and safety. With proper workplace Health & Safety training, companies can learn how to implement robust health risk management systems that will minimise or even eliminate onsite hazards.

Humanomics is one of the region’s leading providers of Health & Safety training services, collaborating closely with HR teams to develop programs that:

  • Compliment business risk management processes
  • Identify workforce human functional hazards
  • Are tailored to the organisation at hand
  • Educate employers and employees on the importance and implementation of safety practices

Our workplace training programs

Benefits of Health & Safety training in the workplace

WorkCover are becoming increasingly vigilant in their review of workplace health management strategies, including injury prevention processes and health monitoring procedures.

By implementing relevant occupational health programs in the workplace, your business can:

  • Put safety first as a priority in workers’ minds
  • Create a safety culture that reinforces safe and healthy work practices
  • Increase the self esteem and confidence of employers
  • Reduce Workers Compensation costs
  • Reduce accidents and absenteeism
  • Reduce labour turnover

Training times and locations

Structured to meet the specific requirements of each company, Humanomics courses and programs are arranged for ultimate convenience and cost-effectiveness. Our training services can be undertaken at any of our clinics or onsite at a time that best suits your business.