Our periodic medical assessments help you to keep employees happy, healthy and productive.

It’s in the best interests of your business to care for its workers’ well being. A periodic medical assessment enables companies to monitor and maintain employee health over time, comparing results with previous records to identify potential concerns.

Based in Sydney and Newcastle, Humanomics provides cost-effective, efficient and accurate medical checks tailored to company, employee and site requirements.

Our periodic medical assessments can be performed at any frequency – whatever works for your workplace.

Regular employee medical checks can:

  • Support your team’s long-term health
  • Prevent worker injury and disability
  • Reduce Worker Compensation Claims and total health costs over time
  • Ensure compliance with industry and state legislation

Tests included in a periodic medical assessment

In addition to collecting standard patient data, our employee medical checks usually involve the following tests:

  • Cardiovascular examination
  • Central nervous system examination
  • Urinalysis
  • Audiometric assessment
  • Vision assessment
  • Musculoskeletal testing
  • Body mass index calculation

Periodic medical assessments for your industry

Some industries are legally required to perform periodic medical examinations designed to meet their specific workplace conditions. Humanomics offers specialised health assessments across New South Wales, including:

  • Hazardous substances health monitoring
  • Mining medicals
  • Commercial driver medicals
  • Rail safety workers medicals

Here to keep your team happy and healthy throughout their careers, Humanomics can then address relevant health issues with a customised employee wellness program.

Frequently asked questions

Who should undergo a periodic medical assessment?

Any individual who works in dangerous conditions or with hazardous substances will benefit from a periodic health assessment.

How long does a periodic medical assessment take?

Depending on the position, organisation and industry, an assessment can take approximately one to two hours.

To determine the precise duration of your worker’s periodic medical check, please get in touch with the Humanomics team.

When will the health report be available?

With a commitment to efficient and cost-effective service, Humanomics delivers detailed, quality-assured reports in just two days.

Ideal for any employer under time pressure to secure a hire, we also offer a fast-tracked reporting service that delivers findings within 24 hours.

As soon as the medical is complete, we will submit its initial results for employer review while a secondary appraisal takes place to confirm findings.