Boost workplace productivity with a results-driven employee health and wellbeing program tailored to your needs.

At Humanomics, we believe that happy, healthy workers are the key to business success. That’s why we provide customised, cost-effective employee health and wellbeing programs to organisations across Sydney and Newcastle.

We’ll work with your business to develop and implement tailored programs that support your workers’ mental and physical goals. Designed to have a positive, lasting impact on employee wellbeing and workplace productivity, these programs can be created for any company, no matter its size or industry.

Our occupational health specialists will:

  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of employee health issues
  • Design an evidence-based, outcome-focused employee wellbeing program relevant to your business
  • Deliver this program for optimal impact, ongoing measurement and continual improvement

Keep your people happy and healthy

Our employee health and wellbeing programs reduce the impact of lifestyle risk factors on professional performance by promoting:

  • Increased wellbeing
  • Increased fitness
  • Reductions in body weight
  • Reduced smoking and drinking
  • Reductions in life insurance costs
  • More energy and vigour in all aspects of life

Discover the importance of employee health to your business

Your company’s fiscal health rests in the physical and mental wellness of its workers. With an employee wellbeing program designed by Humanomics, your business can:

  • Foster a greater sense of community in the workplace
  • Improve staff morale, communication and job satisfaction, resulting in reduced expenditure on staff turnover and re-training
  • Face less work-related injuries and Workers Compensation Claims
  • Reduce insurance costs and WorkCover premiums
  • Increase staff resilience and reduce absenteeism
  • Boost worker productivity and performance